Terms & Conditions

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Terms & Conditions

§ 1. Purview
These Terms & Conditions are valid for all contractual relationships between the customers (participants of dance classes) and the SwingAUT OG. Ancillary agreements, supplementing or changing the contract require a written agreement. Additionally, changing the requirement for written agreements needs to be set in a written arrangement.

§ 2. Registration
The registration for workshops and classes is completed through a registration system from Easyschool on the homepage www.swingaut.at. The registration constitutes a binding contract to pay the entire fee for a class/workshop. This is also valid if not all classes are attended.
The spot is guaranteed after the required amount arrives in the bank account of SwingAUT OG. In case of couple registrations (Leader/Follower) the spot is guaranteed only after the required amount from both participants arrives in the bank account of SwingAUT OG.
The course fee is to be paid only after receiving a confirmation e-mail, then however it is to be paid within five days by transfer to the bank account mentioned below.
Because Special-Workshops are announced on short notice, course fees for these events must be transferred within three days.
Account details:
IBAN: AT33 1420 0200 1094 6183

§ 3. Cancellation, Cancellation of Contract
In case of a contract conclusion on the internet the consumer has the right of withdrawal from the contract within 7 days after the contract conclusion.
In case of cancellation up to 10 days before beginning of the class, 70% of the fee will be refunded. In case of cancellation between 7 and 10 days before the beginning of the class, 50% of the course fee will be refunded. A refund in case of cancellation 6 days or less before beginning of the class is not possible.
An exception may be made if the customer names a replacement participant. If the named person is on the waiting list, a refund through SwingAUT OG is possible.
Business obligations, work- or business travels, illness, vacation or the lack of childcare cannot be accepted as a reason for refunding the fee.
Because special-workshops are announced on short notice, a refund is not possible.

§ 4. Adjustment of Programme through the SwingAUT OG
The SwingAUT OG reserves the right to cancel classes and workshops with less than 10 participants up to two days before the beginning of the class/workshop.
In this case course fees will be entirely refunded. There is no legal right to a workshop/class as a replacement.

§ 5. Rotation/Changing of Partners
Swing dances are social dances. That not only means that we follow a rotational system during class, but also that the dancing parts leader/follower are not linked to gender. Both women and men can dance as leaders or followers. Dancing exclusively with the partner you signed up with is not intended.
We try hard to provide a well-balanced leader/follower ratio in class. Nevertheless, “waiting rounds” may occur during the changing of partners, provided that the amount of leaders/followers is not the same.
This does not give the participant the right to a reduced course fee.

§ 6. Compensation for Damages
Following specific safety instructions, we try at all times to teach safe dancing. Nevertheless, especially with aerials, injuries can happen. Therefore, we want to emphasize that all participants are attending the classes and the class venues at their own risk.
Damage claims towards the trainers of SwingAUT OG are not possible, as far as they don’t stem back to deliberate or grossly negligent behavior of the staff.
We are not liable for physical injury or property damage that was not caused by the staff of Swing AUT OG. This especially applies to theft. Since we cannot offer a secure coatroom, we cannot take any responsibility for belongings.
The participants are liable for damages to rooms, objects and to third parties caused by themselves.

§ 7. Behaviour in the Class/Workshop Locations
Both smoking and drinking alcohol are not allowed in the class/workshop locations. We ask you to wear only dancing shoes (leather soles) or a second pair of shoes with clean soles (smooth soles, no metal heels) in the classrooms. Jackets and coats must be left on the coat racks because of fire regulations. Wearing outdoor shoes is not allowed.
Individuals who disturb the classes or who make productive training impossible can be dismissed by the SwingAUT OG.

§ 8. Data Protection
All collected data are used purely for the internal matters of course processing and administration of participants. No data will be passed on to third parties or be published.
Instructional recaps (filmed material) are intended exclusively for private use; they may neither be distributed privately nor published.

Please see our Privacy Policy for more details, thanks.

§ 9. Imagery

Photographs and videos may be taken at some occasions and we may publish such photographs or videos without additional express consent of the participants. SwingAUT will not use such photographs or videos for purposes other than documenting or promoting the activities of the company. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding your image being taken at one of our classes or events, please contact us in advance.

§ 10. Safe Environment

We believe in creating an environment where people in the swing dance community can learn, dance, grow and feel safe. Discrimination or harassment on the basis of sex, gender, national origin, ethnicity, religion, race, sexual orientation or disability will not be tolerated at all. The participant and organizer promise to work together to keep dance spaces and venues safe and welcoming for all people.

§ 11. Law and Place of Jurisdiction
Austrian law applies to the classes/workshops, the place of execution and jurisdiction is Vienna.

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